How to track app engagement

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Their reviews and ratings will give you invaluable information. Be careful about sending them directly to the App Store to log their feedback, though that would be moving too fast, too soon. Ask your users how they feel, privately. When asking for their insights, be sure to have a plan in place to respond to negative or constructive feedback.

App Re-Engagement for Dummies

When users respond to your private questions and let you know that they do love the app or give you other positive feedback, the time is opportune to link them to the app store so they can post their feedback for the world to see. The star ratings and reviews left by your most loyal users are the ones you should promote. They will act as social proof for new users considering your app or comparing it to your competitors. It may seem like a lot of work, but measuring and growing the love for your app can be simplified by using in-app marketing platforms. Measuring the love for your app is a means to an end, and that end is increasing the love for your app.

After all, while in life you may be looking for a single soul mate to share your life with, for your app, eternal bliss comes when you get the most love from the most users who share your app with the most friends. Love usually cannot be quantified.

Engagement App Engagement Metrics to Track, with How To's | Designli

Back for More Love at first sight is great in Romantic Comedies; but in reality, sometimes it takes longer to truly fall in love. To measure and grow the love: 1.

The Adjust Mobile Measurement Glossary

Track your second visit retention rate and use that as a baseline 2. Optimize your onboarding process to remove complexities and reduce friction 3. Keep track of the number of likes and shares your app has on social channels 4.

Monitor as your referrals and retention rate increase Long-Term Usage Celebrating those second visits is momentous; however, longevity is the true definition of love. To measure and grow the love: 5.

How to Measure Your App’s Health with User Engagement Metrics

Calculate your rate of retention at the day marks that are common in your industry three-day mark, day mark, etc. Further, optimize your onboarding process to lead new users on a journey similar to your long-time app lovers. Product teams can measure what percentage of users followed the golden path to completion and can tweak the app to increase it.

Retention is a measure of how many users remained customers over a period of time such as five days, eight weeks, or one year. Retention is the opposite of churn, which is the percentage of customers that have quit the app. The retention equation is simple while defining and benchmarking retention is not. The method by which app creators count their total number of users varies. They may disappear for months at a time.

These apps must define their number of active users as those that have used the app within a certain period of time, such as one week. Within every app, there are successful actions that product teams want users to take.

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  • User Engagement KPIs;

These range from downloading the app to signing up for a newsletter, enabling notifications, completing the welcome tour, adding a credit card, making a purchase, completing a profile, and more. Every product team can measure the percentage of users who complete each of these goals as conversions.

5 No Bullshit Ways of Measuring Mobile App Engagement

If product teams increase their conversions, they increase user engagement. To determine engagement, product teams can ask users about their experience. There are several methodologies for determining customer satisfaction, the most popular of which is the net promoter score NPS system. To measure NPS, product and marketing teams must send a survey where they ask users to rate the app on a scale of , and to indicate whether they would recommend it to others. Users that respond with are considered promoters, passives, and detractors.

Product teams can ignore the passives and subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The result is a net promoter score.

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The top user engagement metrics for apps User engagement metrics for apps help teams understand how much value users find in the app. Session interval Session interval is the measure of the time in between app sessions. Conversion rates Within every app, there are successful actions that product teams want users to take.

This is the conversion rate between engagement and revenue. Not every app has the goal of generating revenue e. You can also use engagement metrics to create user segments to find relationships between different levels of engagement to different levels of purchase.

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  6. For example, you can run an analysis between number of visits per month and number of app purchases. You might find that purchases go up if a user visits more than 4 times a month. With this information, you can try to increase purchase by finding ways to get more users to be weekly users. Flurry also has a great chart on 90 day retention and use frequency by category from The app marketplace is crowded. User attention spans are low but really not that low if you think about it.

    So the question is how to improve engagement for your app. Encapsulating a new wave of innovative strategies, Growth Hacking was undoubtedly one of the leading buzzwords of

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