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This compact device also creates white noise to mask and cover your voice in open areas.

Easy to use, once you turn the Featuring 5 of the most powerful countermeasures tools available. This kit was developed with serious counter surveillance in mind. You will be able to locate Perfect for the DIY user looking to avoid expensive private investigation costs, the Defender PROG is a 4-in-1 handheld counter surveillance devices. The extended The Delta X Counter Surveillance Spectrum Analyzer offers a full arrangement of sweeping and debugging equipment. The DX offers broadband detection to analyze unwanted audio and video surveillance threats.

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The portability, and low demand of The DX uses a spectrum analysis software, various handheld RF probes, and broadband RF antennas to assess your environment. Maybe you have The iProtect is an extended range 3-Band, digital RF detector that brings expert level counter surveillance to the palm of your hands. Use the iProtect to prevent illegal electronic spying from of unwanted hidden threats like spy cameras, audio There is no need for specialized training or knowledge. Bug detectors, The CMS Countermeasure Set is a complete countermeasure package-this is the most advanced countermeasure set available today.

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It is designed for individuals who need to perform advanced bugging countermeasure checks often such as a security The RF Signal Detector wand is ready for you to keep yourself safe from unwanted intrusions from hidden cameras and wireless microphones. Keep the competition in the dark about your upcoming release and protect your personal conversations from Bug and Wireless Camera detector, This mini wireless camera detector is the latest entry level device in our line of counter surveillance products.

The unit features 4 different alert modes, including , vibration mode, LED indicator lights, and The Tap Trap TT Wiretap Detector can check for bugging devices that are on your premises, it detects both series and parallel bugging devices. That is exactly when you are most vulnerable, and guess what? That is exactly when today's eavesdropper strikes.

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When you least expect it! Eavesdroppers can now call your telephone number and by using new electronic methods can prevent your telephone from ringing. By doing this they now turn your telephone microphone into a "listening device".

FlexiSPY™ Features | Spy on a Phone’s Surroundings

Audio devices may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others. In no way will Lawmate Technology or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.

Detects & Locates ALL Transmitting Bugging Devices + Wireless Eavesdropping Devices

Receive free ground shipping on all items we carry. Depending on your location, carrier may vary depending on maximizing delivery speed to your location. Some custom built products may require up to 48 hours, which includes custom audio add-ons that may require 72 hours. You will be notified of any delays as soon as possible. We ship worldwide.

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Every country's import rules are different, so it's impossible to guess how much, and if any fees may apply. All products which are special ordered by the person ordering and are NOT subject to cancellations. All returns must be authorized by LawmateTechnology.

We have been forced to implement this policy because of the attraction of our products to unscrupulous people who return products after they have profitably gained from the short-term use of the products. NO refunds will be given for products returned without explicit permission from LawmateTechnology.

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Any return must be authorized by a representative of LawmateTechnology. Authorization and shipping instructions must be obtained from LawmateTechnology. No returns will be authorized after ten 10 business days of receipt of product s by the customer, unless found to be defective, in which case we will replace at no charge once returned with authorized RMA.

We at LawmateTechnology. Due to the nature of the products, returns will not be accepted unless the product is found to be defective or unless otherwise explicitly stated on the specific LawmateTechnology. We guarantee all LawmateTechnology. We will replace or repair the product s at our option providing there is no evidence of customer misuse, or alteration.

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Often no bigger than a pinhole, these tiny spy cameras are concealed inside everyday Now available to the public for the first time, GPS tracking signals Every worry about your car security or car vandalism? Do you own or work for a car service company and need an in car hidden camera to record activity inside the car. This hidden car surveillance The flat button shaped lens brings this button camera to the next level of disguise! This lightweight easily hidden camera comes with a cone lens that makes it a easier to put up against a flat It seamlessly camouflages into any Record Stunning p HD Video On The Go This is no ordinary coffee cup because this insulated coffee mug is also a hidden camera perfect for undercover recording.

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