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After sending a scheduled report, it clears its logs, ready to continue its assignment. Refog Software can operate perfectly all on its own. It does the job of security staff but is free from human faults. Refog Software offers a wide range of settings to meet your surveillance needs. You can use it to record only certain applications, such as web browsers or MS Office.

In a system with several users, it can record only selected users. Screenshots can be taken at custom intervals or on every mouse click. You can easily customize all the Monitoring tools to provide only relevant data. Reports on user activities are delivered through e-mail or FTP connection. Even miles away from Monitored systems, you can still receive regular updates and emergency notifications.

At a time when online subscriptions to music or news is part of everyday life, why not subscribe to surveillance reports too? What are your employees busy with while you are out of the office? Or, what are your kids doing online while waiting for you at home?

Keep an Eye on Your People with This Desktop Spy

Keeping an eye on everything only seems to be impossible. With Refog Personal Monitor, you will be able to penetrate in the spots of data flow that were hard to get into just a moment earlier, and remain stealth, so that by no means no one will ever figure out that they are being spied on. Refog Personal Monitor integrates a number of utilities for monitoring user activities on both local and remote computers.

Sitting in the next room or miles away, you can still keep track of all keystrokes hit, commands entered, words and phrases copied to clipboard or pasted to application windows, mouse moves, applications launches and halts, system reboots, network resources access events, and just about everything else that could take place on a computer.

Refog Personal Monitor is not just a passive watcher and reporter; it carries an active alarm system that triggers on predefined keywords and phrases. Whenever a user being watched types, sends or receives words like 'sex', 'porn' or 'booze', the program will instantly alert you of the problem taking place. This is a great tool for safeguarding teenagers, eliminating rude language from work communications or spotting the drainage of sensitive data from remote workstations.

A wide range of customization options will meet all your surveillance needs: use it to log activities of only certain applications or only selected users, take screenshots at user-defined intervals or on every mouse click.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer - Download

Customize your spy kit to provide only relevant data. How you can download spy software and protect your family. Employee Monitor Protect your company's assets with employee monitoring. Terminal Monitor Track employee activities on Terminal Server.

Who Needs Computer Monitoring Software?

Compare products. Install PC spy software, sure, but which one?

Computer Monitoring Software - best pc Spy Software

This article will introduce you to the best software program for spying on a computer. So carry on reading! Yes, no doubt, like most people.

  1. Install a PC spy software remotely.
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  3. Keylogger Spy Software Review & Download.

Many of us, parents, employers, and others, worry about their children or their business and are therefore looking for a solution to be able to monitor a computer remotely. Install PC spy software with a Keylogger Designed with easy parental use in mind, our program for spying on a computer is able to monitor all your children's computer activity remotely. Your teenage kids, or people in your family like your husband for example, who starts visiting dating sites and is certainly hiding something from you.

SpyAgent invisibly records everything users do.

Or your children at high school who spend all their time on Facebook and may be potential victims of cyber-harassment. Installing the software to spy on a computer First, download the spy software from the Internet. Then open the file named "Fireworld Controller. Read the conditions of use carefully, and confirm. The program will also enable you to control a computer remotely, or even to spy on a PC without permission. Next, install the PC spy software on the client machine. Once configured, copy the identifier file and the Client installer to a USB key.

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  • Note that you can also email the folder containing these two files, to install it remotely.

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